Building a Circular Ecosystem, together.

Collaboration and commitment are vital in order to maintain planet Earth green and make construction sustainable. We are glad to be partners with a very diverse team of excellent companies and leaders within construction, real estate, technology and government . We are excited to learn from each other, execute and share our best ideas… to provide you with the best value possible.
We are a value-driven, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy fundamentally committed to sustainable progress and service delivery.
Our role is to contribute to innovation, co-operation, and project development on behalf of the members of our organization.
We bring together green technology business, that fight climate changes with our products and services in the most responsible way to our planet.
The Norwegian Digitalization Directorate is the government’s tool for faster and more coordinated digitization of society.
We provide an international platform for information exchange and partnership building to guide cities and communities in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We want Oslo to be a better city to live in. Here you can find every construction in Oslo that is being built, demolished, and renovated.
Contribute to sustainable growth and experts for Norwegian business through capital and expertise. We support companies in developing their competitive advantage.
Makersite’s automated enterprise digital twins deliver manufacturers the intelligence to achieve NetZero, accelerate product development and de-risk supply chains.
We work with the digitalization of Norwegian business and industry, with a focus on small and medium-sized companies.
We create digital products and services in close collaboration with our clients. We create long-term solutions built on digital service platforms.
We are working on reuse containers made of two specially built shipping containers to help the construction industry with reuse.
Material Mapper

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Find or list building materials for reuse when & where needed. Order material reuse reports. Reduce CO2 emissions, while making money!

Your partner for reusing building materials

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