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  • Reusable materials from demolitions
  • Material amounts from renovations
  • Amounts of excess materials from new buildings
For material reuse the architects, consultants and construction project leaders need an overview of what materials are available, when and where these can be reused. Material Mapper’s platform gives you an insight of all buildings to be demolished, rebuilt and newly built. These are connected to the available re-use reports in addition to our estimates of the materials these buildings consist of:
  • Reusable materials from demolitions
  • Material amounts from renovations
  • Amounts of excess materials from new buildings

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Re-use reports

The most important step a building owner can do to increase the re-use of materials is to get a re-use report for their building to see which materials can live on when the building is transformed. We offer Re-use reports through our partners so that you can get offers from multiple actors and can choose the offer that suits you the best.

Quality Control /


Some materials require quality control and documentation before they can be used a second time.

We offer detailed material quality control and documentation so that all regulatory demands are fulfilled and the reusable materials can continue to live!

Marketplace Integration

Buying & Selling of Materials

Material Mapper platform integrates with many different marketplaces to get a full overview of all available materials on the market. If you want to list materials for sale, we will be happy to help you in the process.

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Transportation & Storage

Through our partners we will give you multiple offers on transportation and storage to save you as much time and money as possible.
Delivery and assembly

Delivery & Implementation

Delivery / transportation and assembly of the new materials – describe your needs and we will get you the best offer through here:



When you have completed a project re-using construction materials, you have most likely saved a good amount of CO2 emissions. To document this, you will need a CO2 audit. Tell us about your project and we will get back to you with several offers so you can pick one that suits you best.




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