Material Mapper is a data platform that tells you when, where, what types and what quantities of building materials will result from deconstructed/demolished buildings.

  • Which buildings will be demolished/deconstructed within the next 5 years
  • What materials will result from the demolishing process
  • What quantities of materials will result from the building demolition
  • What types of buildings will be demolished (plus satellite image)
  • Address of the buildings planned to be taken down
  • Estimates for CO2 emissions that could be saved if materials were reused
  • Municipalities – in order to facilitate sustainable city planning and CO2 emission savings.
  • Demolishers – to save time and money for estimating pricing offers for tenders.
  • Recyclers – to have information on available material amounts.
  • Property owners/developers – to determine leftover value of buildings.
  • Marketplaces – to gain access to large quantities of reusable construction materials.
  • Data houses – to get information for reports or statistics.

Yes! Material Mapper can estimate what amounts of material can be realistically re-used and what amounts of CO2 will be saved in the case of re-using that quantity of material Vs using virgin (new) materials.

Material Mapper platform integrates with many different marketplaces to get a full overview of all available materials on the market.

Material Mapper is based out of Oslo, Norway.

Today we cover 12 Norwegian municipalities on our platform
Material Mapper

Your partner for reusing building materials

Find or list building materials for reuse when & where needed. Order material reuse reports. Reduce CO2 emissions, while making money!

Your partner for reusing building materials

Buy & Sell Reusable Materials and Aggregates, Save CO2 & Get Certified

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